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Welcome to the 6th Grade History & Language Arts Block for the 2018/2019 school year. I have created this site for students and parents to view information for my class. If you have any questions regarding this website, you may reach me through my e-mail address: rmclaughlin@pleasantonusd.net



Summer may be over, but the fun is not! Welcome to my 6th Grade Language Arts and History Block!

~Mrs. McLaughlin

Take a look to see what happened on:

History Channel

This Day in History


We love you, Lucy! You are beautiful!


Lucy's Beautiful Skull:



Not Lucy... but beautiful too!


There's a song that's playing around and around in my head... Can you hear it?



6th grade is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil 8th Grade Galactic Empire.


Need to practice your typing skills? Here is a free online typing tutorial!



We are currently reading Boy of the Painted Cave by Justin Denzel

Be sure to proofread your literature work before submitting. Did I...:

  • Check for proper capitalization?
  • Check for proper end punctuation?
  • Correct fragments and run-on sentences?
  • Re-state the questions in my answers?
  • Proofread!
  • Print my work?



It's not a dress if I've got a pirate hat on!

Mommy, will you get me off of here already? No more embarrassing me!

Who's Who of Early Man; Early Hominids; Lucy
Mesopotamia; Ancient Mesopotamia; Palaces of Assyria; Assyrian Warfare; Astronomers of Babylon; Trade and Transport; The Royal Tombs of Ur; Ziggurats;
Alexander the Great, Athens & Sparta; Aristotle, Architecture, Daily Life; Government, Education, Festivals & Games; Geography, Gods & Goddesses, Olympian Gods, Homer: The Iliad & The Odyssey, Macedonia, The Olympics, Pericles, Plato, Timeline; The Persian Wars; Wars
The British Museum, Discovering Egypt, Virtual Egypt, Ramses' Sons, Egyptian Art, Mummies, Embalming; Video: Search for a Pharaoh's Tomb ; The Sphinx, Hieroglyphics; Preparing Seneb for the Afterlife King Tut Sites: King Tutankhamun: Murder?, Death by Broken Leg?; At the Tomb of Tutankhamen; Discovery Channel: King Tut Egyptian Topics: Adorning, Burial, Crafts, Domestic, Food, Housing, Medicine, Music, Religious, Social, Warfare, Writing

Ancient Israel

The History of Israel; The Torah; Yom Kippur; Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year); Hanukkah (The Festival of Lights); What is a Maccabee?; The Maccabees; Jewish Virtual Library; Israel; Postcard Game; Jerusalem; Israel Timeline; Presidents of Israel; Israel Fast Facts; Games; The Ten Commandments (also in Hebrew)

Ancient India, The Buddha; Geography; Early Hinduism; The Indus Valley; Writing, Ancient Indus Valley; Gandhi; Journey Through India: Kids' Zone; PBS: The Story of India; The Flag of India

Ancient China; Crafts & Artisans; Geography; Timeline; Tombs & Ancestors; Writing: Maoists; Qin Dynasty; Han Dynasty;

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