Pleasanton Middle School

Laptop Agreement


1.      Students must bring their laptop and supplies to school daily. Please clearly label every single piece of equipment – backpack or carrying case, computer, power cord, etc.


             Supplies Needed:

á   Laptop fully-charged

á   Power cord (AC adapter)

á   Backpack or carrying case


2. Students must have access to the Internet and a printer compatible with their laptop at all their residences.


 3. Students are responsible for all work, even if your laptop is being repaired. Students may have to revert to pencil and paper. Assignments must be printed and ready to turn in at the beginning of class on their due date. If a student is having ŇprinterÓ difficulties, the student must have a note signed by a parent/guardian stating the difficulty.


 4. Students are responsible for organizing and maintaining their files. Students must not only SAVE their documents, but also backup their files weekly to the Pleasanton Middle School Network.


 5. DO NOT load any games, especially off the Internet, on the laptop hard drive. Past experience has shown that loading games may generally cause the computer not to work as efficiently and break down more often. (This includes screen saver games and changing of application icons!) They can also become a huge distraction from the educational process.


6. Accessing inappropriate Internet sites is strictly forbidden on any computer including laptops at Pleasanton Middle School.


 7. Students are not to touch other students' or teachers' computers without permission, either physically or through the network.


 8. Students are not allowed to copy work or plagiarize documents.


 9. The "Dress Code" for computers is the same as Pleasanton Middle SchoolŐs  dress code. If it is not appropriate as fashion, then it is not appropriate on your computer. This includes the desktop, screensaver, documents, graphics, sounds, etc.


 10. PLEASE, check your childŐs computer often. Just as you would ask to see your childŐs work in their binder, look at their work in their laptop. This is a tool that you have purchased for your child, you have control. Know what your child is viewing, at all times.


11. It is expected that students use laptops appropriately during class time.  Playing with screen savers, playing games, messaging friends, or changing the appearance of icons is not appropriate use of class time and may affect academic performance.  Teachers may recommend removal from the laptop program if the computer is interfering with the studentŐs learning.


 Consequences: Depending on the infraction, the penalty for violating the above rules may include:


á   Phone call/email home

á   Assignments marked late

á   After school detention

á    Loss of computer for period or entire Block period

á   Referral to Principal/Vice-Principal

á   Suspension from class or school

á   Removal from the program




 I agree to follow the Laptop Immersion Rules listed above. I understand the consequences for not following the rules and will do my best to be a responsible laptop student.



 Student Signature/ Date


 I have reviewed the Laptop Immersion Rules with my child. He/she understands the consequences for not following the rules and expectations.



 Parent Signature/ Date